Water Butts

It’s raining on and off today and the garden is very happy.

But there’s talk of a hosepipe ban so I’m looking at buying some water butts. So that I can store some water in drier times.

There are a variety of water butts available – there is one for every gardener, even if you have limited space. There are:

  • Standard Butts
  • Decorative Butts
  • Space Saving Butts
  • Large Capacity Butts
  • Large Water Tanks

Standard Barrel Butt -This is just the traditional barrel shaped water butt. They come with a lid and are available in different sizes: 120 litres and 210 litres.

Decorative Water Butt – There are decorative butt available you can get water butts with decorative wood grain motif, woodgrain effect, oakwood effect and ones that are shaped like a beehive. They hold anything from 100 to 300 litres of water.

Space Saving Water Butt – Is a great butt if you don’t have a lot of space. Some of these butts are tapered so they will fit in a small and restricted space. You can also get space saving wall mounted water butts. These types of water butts hold anything from 100 to 250 litres of water.

Large Capacity Water Butt – these types of water butt hold anything from 300 litres and over of water. These water tanks provide a larger then normal storage capacity. They are also high quality and look ok. For larger sized water butts go to Harrods:

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