Vegetables that grow in light shade

Vegetables that do well in less sunlight (2 to 4 hours) are often called “light shade” or “shaded” plants. Some “partial shade” plants are also light shade, such as cauliflower and many spices.

Brussels sprouts: Brussels are a cold-tolerant plant and this allows them to grow in shady areas and do well.

Endive: doesn’t mind shade at all and grow well in the shady part of the garden.

Kale: kale doesn’t mind shady areas and grows well with less light.

Rocket: rocket grows well in areas of the garden that have shade. As full sun can make it go to seed.

Salad leaves: Most salad leaves prefer some shade then full sun.

Spinach: spinach also likes shady areas because full sun will make spinach go to seed.

Swiss chard: swiss chard likes to grow in areas where they don’t have full sun as they don’t particularly like full sunlight.

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