Troy Bilt Tiller

Troy Bilt Tiller

troy bilt tillerThe troy bilt tiller is proving to be a popular choice for gardeners.

If you need to make a garden from your lawn or you need to make some garden beds in your yard then you’re going to be faced with a lot work. That means a lot of hard digging. That’s unless you use a cultivator to do all the hard work for you.

Don’t be fooled by appearances of the troy bilt tiller. This sturdy workhorse can quickly turn your yard surface into a perfect garden tilth after a couple of passes.

So let’s take a closer look at the Troy-Bilt-Tillertroy bilt
– And see why it’s getting such great reviews.

If you want the power and performance without the noise of a gas engine then this electric cultivator/tiller is a great choice. The tiller is very lightweight, but still digs very well. So it does not take a lot of “man handling” or intense arm and back workouts like some of the bigger gas-powered tillers.

The Troy Bilt Tiller A Little Powerhouse

The troy bilt tiller measures 26.9 x 15.6 x 19.2 inches.  And it weighs only 22 pounds. This means it’s an ideal cultivator to use for a senior person as you won’t tire easily. Or if you have a large area to work you’ll be able to use the cultivator for longer periods of time.

And of course to start the troy bilt tiller is really easy. You just press a switch and away you go. No pulling any starter rope. No need to buy any gas. Just take the cultivator out of the box, plug it in and start work. In fact, one delighted owner has started using their troy bilt tiller 6 seconds after opening the box.

The Troy Bilt Tiller – fast rotation to break heavy soils

So why is the troy bilt tiller so powerful? Well, that’s down to the fact it’s powered by a 6.5 Amp Electric motor. This generates about one horsepower and there is more than enough power to rotate the tines fast enough through hard soil, although this will depend on your yard’s soil type. And here’s where feedback for the Troy Bilt Tiller varies. Some users of this cultivator say the cultivator powers through hard baked clay. And others report you may have to loosen any hard baked surface beforehand.

Many users agree the troy bilt tiller is brilliant for its size and power.

Light and Quick

Date: May 24, 2011

Makes quick work of my wife’s flower beds and it’s so lightweight she can manage it.

Strong Lil Sucker

Date: March 27, 2008

This thing packs a heck of a punch. I planned on tilling up a 20×15 foot lot for a vegetable garden. So I went to a local home improvement store and picked up this little cultivator to do this “small job”. When I started what I thought was gonna be a pie job I found out that the place I decided to put this garden used to be a gravel driveway by a previous owner. But have no fear, this lil sucker tore right through the thickly laid drive. Awesome! I am really impressed. Thank you for such a strong piece of equipment at such an affordable price.

Oh my gosh!

Date: May 9, 2011

For years I have been turning my little garden plot with a pitch fork. I purchased this little cultivator and wow! It may be little, but it works as hard, if not harder, than it’s huge counterparts. I am so glad I did my research and chose this one. It plowed through weeds and rocks with no problem. What a little brute! I will highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you Troy Bilt. It will make gardening easier this year.

Grandma is happy

Date: May 18, 2011

“my grandma always used this and was so tickled by it,, made her gardening a breeze..”


Date: October 31, 2010

“An amazing tiller for small gardens.

Pros: Light weight so it won’t beat you up after hours of use; handle on motor housing makes for easy lifting; thin, easily removable tines chop even hard packed clay into fine soil, high efficiency motor gives great tine speed and seldom breaker overload. The lite front tine design is super for working in tight gardens and around plants. Great zero emission tiller.

Cons: Housing should be a lower to reduce spay. Power cord clip needs to be larger to accommodate thick power cords.

After using a big heavy tiller for years, I was very impressed by this tiller’s design and performance. It is a pleasure to use.

Now obviously you’re going to need a power source to plug your Troy Bilt Tiller into. And depending on how far the area of ground you’re going to be working some sort of extension cable – this is one that is highly recommended -Yellow Jacket 2885 12/3 Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJTW Contractor Extension Cord with Lighted Ends, 100-FeetExtension Cords). This will enable you to work a wider area.

But back to some of the other features of the Troy Bilt Tiller.

There’s a cord minder retainer. This keeps the electric out of reach of the tines when you’re cultivating your yard. It does this by keeping the cable safely to your side by sliding to the left and right on the guide bar as the unit is moved. And this also stops the machine from getting disconnected when you’re operating it.

There are integrated front carrying handles and folding handles. So it’s easy to carry and store.

But how well does the Troy Bilt cultivate?

Well, the cultivator has 8-inch patented steel cultivating tines. These are strong and durable enough to give you a good depth of soil. And will break down hard clumps of soil. You’ll find you can easily mix compost in with the soil every year as the tines do a great job.

However what about stones?

Good on stoney ground

electric troy bilt tillerWell you needn’t worry if you’re preparing stoney ground. That’s because the Troy Bilt seems to cope with stones extremely well. Smaller rocks are no problem. The tiller kicks them out of the dirt and to the top where they can be removed.

Another important thing about the tines is they are easy to remove for cleaning or replacement. That’s very handy should you get any long plants wrap around the tines. Or if a tine breaks (unlikely) and needs replacing. Cleaning the tines is very easy too — you can take them off without tools! However sometimes a fist sized rock may get wedged in between the machine and tines, In this case stop the motor. Let it cool down and reset it. There is a safety cut-out (works like a circuit breaker) that immediately turns the tiller off before any damage might happen to it. You’ll then be able to continue working.

And talking about working there’s an adjustable tilling width from 6 to 10-1/4-inches. This allows you to work in those narrow or awkward areas in your garden. Plus you can cultivate between rows of what you’re growing for easy weed control.

If you’ve always wanted a roto tiller, but don’t want a gas powered ones because they’re so heavy to manoeuvre when the tank is full then the Troy Bilt makes perfect sense.

Quiet workhorse

And of course the electric Troy Bilt means you’ll be able to cultivate in relative peace and quiet without sounding like a chainsaw in action.

What sort of warranty do you get?

You get a 2-Year limited warranty.

There are also attachments you can fit to your Troy Bilt. These include a Border Edger and Kickstand.

Where Can I buy The Troy-Bilt TB154 9-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator/Tiller

Well one of the best places to buy the Troy Bilt Cultivator/Tilleris on Amazon. They’re always very competitive. Last time I looked Amazon they have a $10 saving and on top you get free shipping.

Average Customer Review

4.5 out of 5 stars – click here.

Where Can I read more reviews for the Troy-Bilt TB154 9-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator/Tiller

The best place to read reviews from people is on Amazon.

Here are some of their comments:

  • “Transformed our yard from nasty hard packed clay to a much softer easier to work with dirt.”
  • “It has proven very reliable.”
  • “Highly recommend this to anyone!”
  • “Love it it is light and strong no noise and gas and well built.”
  • “Never over-heated or had any other issues. I’m very impressed with it.”
  • “Churns up the dirt like a demon.”

Read more about the Troy-Bilt Tiller here.

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