French Bean Varieties – Top 12

Top 12 French Bean Varieties

There are so many variety of French bean available I have picked my top 12. 6 are dwarf French Beans and 6 are Climbing French beans.

Dwarf French Beans:

1. Delinel French Bean

A dwarf variety which has ultra-fine dark green beans. A heavy-cropping, totally stringless, very thin type bean.

This is one of the most popular dwarf bean variety.

2. Primel French Bean

A very early French Bean – it crops a week earlier than Delinel. A crisp bean with excellent flavour and good for freezing.

3. Purple Teepee French Bean

A dwarf French bean that’s purple. This French bean bears its pods above the main foliage. Produces lots of long straight pods. Dwarf French Bean Purple Teepee is quick maturing and produces pods that are approximately 6in long, stringless and slender. Pods turn a beautiful green when cooked.

4. Speedy French bean

Very early and one of the quickest beans to produce pods to pick. Speedy is also very productive with long pods. Very early for your first pick of the season.

5. Supremo – Borlotti – French bean

Supremo is a dwarf bush it has attractive pods and beans which have a creamy background with red flecks. This bean is high yielding with pods about 16-17cm in length. This french bean can be eaten fresh or dried.

6. The Prince French Bean

This French Bean produces long, slender, stringless beans. If picked regularly – it crops continuously over a very long period.

Climbing French Beans Varieties:

7. Blue Lake climbing French Bean

A climbing French bean, which is a excellent tasting, green stringless bean and is very easy to grow.

8. Barlotta Lingua di Fuoco Climbing French Bean

A multi-purpose Italian bean, use as fresh beans or as dried beans. These beans have beautiful red striped pods. A strong climber which produces stringless beans which can be eaten young or allowed to mature to become dry borlotti beans.

9. Cobra Climbing French Bean

This French Bean can be grown as a runner beans. Cobra can be grown under glass for an early crop. Produces deliciously tender and tasty crops of beans. Pods grow up to 8in long and are stringless.

This bean has lovely violet flowers making it beautiful enough to grow in a flower bed.

10. Cosse Violette Climbing French Bean

A tall bean, which has a very long cropping season. Matures early but you can also pick these beans until the first frosts. This bean is very similar to Purple Teepee.

11. Isabel Climbing French Bean

A robust and vigorous French bean, produces plentiful clusters of pencil podded, long green flavourful beans over many weeks throughout the summer.

12. Selma Zebra Climbing French Bean

If you want an eye-catcher then Selma Zebra is for you. Very early to mature and will continue to produce plentifully throughout the summer. Even though they are a purple with speckled grey they will turn grey when cooked.

And one for luck:

Violet Climbing French Bean

Beans are a very dark purple 15-20cm long with a slender shape. This French bean variety is an excellent source of folate and iron. Produces large crops of early beans. These beans will turn green when cooked.

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