Tips for Growing vegetables in your backyard

Growing vegetables in your backyard can really help you lead a healthier lifestyle, apart from getting fitter your vegetables will be fresh and better for you. And you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

Growing vegetables in your backyard a healthy hobby

Vegetable gardening is a great healthy hobby to get you fit. But not only that, it also helps contribute to your family health. For one it will produce healthy and nutritious vegetables from your garden. It can also teach your children where food comes from. If you are just starting out on growing vegetables here are some tips for growing vegetables in your backyard.

1; Research – Before you start do some research. Find out what vegetables grow best in your area. You can ask friends or family that may have a vegetable garden. Or a local university extension programs often have this information available online.

2; Area – Choose a sunny spot if at all possible. That’s because vegetables prefer around six hours of sunlight each day. You need to consider where the shade is from buildings, trees and shrubs. It’s often a good idea to plant close to your house as this makes it easier to get to your garden and it easier to bring your vegetables in.

Clear the area, first mark the area so you know where it’s going to be. Now either using a spade or a sod lifter dig the grass of this area. Try and keep the area as level as possible. Leave the topsoil – that’s the soil right under the grass.

Once the grass is removed you can use a garden fork to dig into the soil – you need to dig about 12 inches deep, you are loosening the soil and breaking it up and removing large stones. This will encourage the soil to drain properly.

Now using a rake you need to create a smooth finish to the dug up area. Now you can also add; compost, manure, or soil additives to add additional nutrients to the soil.

3; Plant Your Seeds – Decide what vegetables to plant. Make sure you have enough room for each plant. Some plants need more room then others. Say a courgette – zucchini plant will need far more room then radishes or salad leaves. So you really need to consider this when deciding what you are planting. I hope these tips for growing vegetables in your backyard are going to help you get started.

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