Rhubarb Varieties

Rhubarb Varieties

There are several different types of Rhubarb Varieties available.

The stalks often have a different colour depending on variety they range from red to green. There are also Pink varieties and these often are speckled.

People will often assume that the redder rhubarb stalks varieties are sweeter than the greener stalk varieties; however there seems to be no link between colour and sweetness of the rhubarb.

Here are some popular rhubarb varieties:

  • Ace of Hearts – a rhubarb variety that is perfect for the smaller garden. It has beautiful red and purple hearted shaped leaves.
  • Champagne – a very popular rhubarb that is often used for forcing. This rhubarb variety is sweet tasting and has pink tinged stalks.
  • Fultons Strawberry Surprise – the stalks of this rhubarb are beautiful they have a vivid red colour. This variety also isn’t as acid. RHS Wisley trials voted it the best flavoured rhubarb.
  • Mammoth Red – as you can guess from the name this is a giant rhubarb and can grow up to 5ft high. If you decide to grow this variety you better have plenty of space in your garden.
  • Stockbridge Arrow – this is an early variety that has become known as a – quality rhubarb. Gives you a long season of tasty and tender red stalks to eat.
  • Victoria – a great old classic variety that many gardeners grow. This rhubarb plant produces greenish stalks. It is a easy rhubarb variety to grow, and is non-stringy.

There are many more different types of rhubarb varieties and I will add more on as time goes on. Choose a variety that is right for you.

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