Planting Autumn/Winter Onions – Oct 7 2010

I known it’s autumn and usually gardeners don’t start thinking about planting anything until the Spring. But there are some gardeners that plant onion sets in the Autumn. We just bought 3 bags of onion sets and planted them there were around 200 onion sets altogether. Also we planted some garlic . Hopefully they will get a good head start and be nice and big next year.

We plant our onions in the Autumn because we have fairly light soil and it’s pretty dry and mild in the area we live in. So we found that when the onion sets get planted in the Autumn they get a longer growing time and rain to get them to grow.

We had a very good crop earlier this year so we hope we get a good crop in 2011.

Onions planted are Thompson & Morgan – Autumn planting onion.

Garlic is Thompson & Morgan – Garlic Cristo.

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