How to choose a gas barbeque

How to choose a gas barbeque

How to choose a gas barbeque So how do you choose a gas barbecue that’s right for you? Let’s consider all the factors so you choose the barbecue that’s right for your circumstances.

When you hold a barbecue do you have a lot of guests around? You see, the more guests you have around, then the bigger the cooking area you’ll need on your barbecue. So choose a barbeque that will allow you to cook all your meat at the same time so your guests can sit down and eat at the same time.

Choose a barbeque that’s right for you

How well is the barbecue made? To avoid rust manufacturers use stainless steel in your barbecue. The more stainless steel there is the less rusting will take place.

How hot does the barbecue get? You want to choose a barbecue that ideally produces 42,000 BTU. This means the barbecue gets hot enough to cook with and makes cooking joints of meat, whole chickens, shoulders of pork or lamb cook all the way through.

Choose a barbeque that is stable. You want a barbecue that is easy to move around on wheels if necessary. But you also want to choose a barbecue that you can lock the wheels so you have a stable platform to do your cooking on.

When you choose a barbecue  you also want it to look good in your backyard, on your decking or on your patio? It wants to fit in with the surroundings and look good. You don’t want an unattractive looking barbecue.

When you choose a barbeque also consider where the gas bottle is stored? Ideally you want the gas bottle contained within the actual barbecue. This makes storage so much easier as well as being much tidier when you’re cooking.

Last thing to consider when you choose a barbeque is what sort of guarantee does your barbecue have? Some manufacturers only have a 1 – 2 year guarantee while other manufacturers have a 25 guarantee. So always check the guarantee.

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