How to choose a BBQ

How To Choose The Right BBQ For You

My friend and I where talking about how to choose a BBQ. What we would look for so here’s our findings.

It’s the time of year when you get some glorious warm summer evenings and thoughts drift to having a barbecue and inviting some friends around. But then you realize your old barbecue isn’t up to the job anymore you need to get a new barbecue. But which barbecue do you choose?

How to choose a BBQ

Will you go for a traditional bbq? Or a gas bbq? The choice is do you want the convenience of cooking with gas versus cooking on a traditional bbq? Also a gas bbq will be more expensive to cook with than a traditional bbq.

Then you need to decide if you want to have a bbq with a lid. A bbq with a lid will probably be more expensive than a bbq without a lid. However you may get enhanced flavour in your meats cooking under a lid as the aroma constantly circulates adding flavour. Another advantage of cooking with a lid is this helps you to control the cooking rate as well. That’s because there are air vents on the lid.

Other things to consider in How to choose a BBQ

How mobile is your bbq? Does it have wheels so it’s easy to move around?

Can you keep the meat warm when it’s cooked? So you can serve everyone their food at the same time and you can all eat together.

How rust proof is the bbq? Let’s face it, many of us get out bbq’s out at the first sign of summer and then leave them outside all summer. So you want to look for a bbq that is manufactured from non rusting metal.

What type of guarantee does the bbq manufacturer offer? These guarantees can vary significantly. Some manufacturers only offer a 12 month guarantee whereas others offer a 25 guarantee. Obviously if anything goes wrong with the bbq then you can get it replaced at no cost to yourself.

What to do next?

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