Growing your own peas

garden peasGrowing your own peas in your garden is actually very easy and is also a very rewarding vegetable to grow.

If you want to start a vegetable garden and you aren’t sure which vegetable to start with then growing your own peas is the vegetable to start with.

Growing peas is one of the easiest and simplest to start with. And they will reward you with bountiful of peas for the minimal of effort.

You can start sowing peas from April and then sow some seeds every few weeks until early summer; this will give you a pea crop throughout the season – until well into autumn.

You’ll need a sunny part of the garden – peas like to grow in an area of soil that is not too dry, but also not too wet. You can grow them in a vegetable plot, raised bed, flower boarder or any large pots.

You start of by making a seed drill in the soil around 2cm deep and any rows need to be 15cm apart. Along the bottom of the drill you need to place the pea seed – place 1 or 2 seeds around every 2.5cm. Now cover them with some fine soil and water carefully.

You’ll find that the peas will come through the soil within a few weeks. Once they are up some gardener thin the plants out, this is to reduce competition, this is up to you. If you are growing peas in large pots you will most likely have to water them on a regular basis. If they are grown in garden soil you should not have to water as often.

The peas will also need to have something to support them as they grow; because the pea plants attach themselves to it with their curly, fast-growing tendrils.

Traditional gardeners use a row of ‘pea sticks’ – these are twiggy sticks that come from a garden hedge; other things people use to support peas are: trellises, chicken wire or bamboo sticks and netting. You can use anything in the garden but one important thing is that it mustn’t stop the sun and it must be able to withstand winds. Because peas grow too different lengths you will need to check out your seed packet as this will tell you how high they will grow.

After several weeks the peas will start flowering and soon after that you’ll find that pea pods are forming. Once the pods are full and rounded the peas will be ready for harvesting. Pick the pea pods promptly after that as this will encourage a longer cropping season.

Growing your own peas is a fun way to get into gardening and you’ll get to taste delicious peas as well.

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