Growing Vegetables in a Raised Bed

When spring hits use gardeners we start to plan our vegetable gardens. More people then ever are starting a vegetable garden as they realise the health benefits of growing their own.

And now people are also realising the benefits of having raised beds. Raised beds are filled with good soil, compost, manure and other things such as grass clippings.

The soil never gets compacted as an ordinary patch of garden because you don’t walk in the beds. This allows the vegetable plants to grow much easier. It also allows the soil to drain much more easily, which means the soil in the raised beds warms more quickly in the spring, so it gives you a longer growing season.

I do find raised beds are great for growing almost any vegetable, but here are some of my favourites to grow.

What to grow in a raised bed

Onions:  Onions are great for growing in a raised bed. That’s because they need plenty of organic matter, they like a long growing season, and they like quick draining soil. Because the raised beds are so free draining we plant winter onions in November time. But you can also plant onions in March time as well. Onions need a long growing season and the winter onions stay in the raised beds until June. Whilst the onions planted in March will stay in the beds until July or august time.

Potatoes: Potatoes grow really well in raised beds, but they are also much easier to harvest this way. Potatoes like loose soil to grow in and that’s why a growing them in raised beds works so well. Many people find that they get bigger crops from potatoes grown in raised beds.

Sweetcorn: Sweetcorn also grows really well in raised beds. There roots can grow pretty deep which means they can get plenty of nutrient from the soil to grow nice big cobs for you.

Root vegetables: Root vegetables are perfect for raised beds. Anything from: carrots, beetroot, radishes and parsnips will grow well. That’s because raised beds have loose, rock-free soil so the roots can grow deeply into the soil.

Leafy greens: Any greens grow well in raised beds. Anything from: salad leaves, lettuce, spinach and kale will grow very well in raised beds. These are all cool weather vegetables and they like to grow in warmed up soil, and because the raised beds warm up so much quicker then a ordinary patch of garden – means you can get started earlier with any of the vegetables.

These are just some of my favourite vegetables to grow in my raised beds. But you can choose any of your favourite vegetables to grow. The most important part is to just start growing vegetables in a raised bed and start getting the benefit of eating the tastiest vegetables ever.

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