Growing Mangetout

Growing Mangetout

Growing mangetout – is really similar to growing peas and growing asparagus peas which are all part of the legume family, and mangetout is becoming a popular vegetable to grown by many gardeners.

You’ll find that the taste of home grown mangetout is much tastier then shop bought mangetout.

Prepare the soil

Dig the soil in December so that you can allow it to settle. Dig it deeply to a fork or spade depth and dig in as much organic matter such as well rotted manure or compost as possible.

Growing Mangetout – Where To Grow

Mangetout like peas will grow on most soils, but you will find that in poor soil conditions the crop won’t be as good as on better soil. Mangetout likes to have plenty of organic material. You do not have to add nitrogen to the soil before planting as mangetout will produce their own nitrogen, they do this by extracting nitrogen from the air.

Mangetout like full sun and moisture, but they will also tolerant partial shade. Mangetout can grow to various heights such as 1.8m, 80cm, 60cm, – so you’ll be able to find a variety that will be suitable for your vegetable garden.

Just remember the taller the variety, the more the peas will cast a shadow over any nearby crops.

Growing Mangetout – When To Sow

To have a continuous supply of mangetout you should sow a couple of different varieties over a month or two, this way you can widen your growing season from June to September.

By sowing the different varieties you will be able to eat peas for several months.

You can grow mangetout peas in just the same way as the other peas. Sow From April to June and harvest from June to September. Good varieties are: Delikata, Sweet Horizon or Snow Pea Snow Green. Read about Mangetout – Golden Sweet.

How to sow

Mangetout peas can be sown outside with no extra protection from around end of April.

Prepare a shallow drill using a trowel or hoe, and sow the seed 2.5cm deep – sow around 2 seeds every 5cm. The rows should be around 40cm apart.

Tip: To increase germination you can soak the mangetout seeds in water for 4-6 hours before sowing.

When the seeds are sown, cover them with soil and water them. The mangetout peas should appear in around 14 days.

Growing Mangetout – Care of

Growing mangetout peas is very easy and they are easy to look after as well, if the weather is very dry then they need to be watered throughout their growing time.

You can also give them a mulch of some organic matter around the plants, which will keep moisture in the ground and also keep the weeds down.

The taller varieties will need some kind of support. The easiest and quickest way to support them is to place twigs or canes near the plants – the tendrils of the peas will twine around the twigs for support.

Other popular methods to support mangetout peas are to buy a pea and bean net, which you can buy from your local garden centre or some other form of wire netting.

When to Pick

Mangetout peas are best picked when they are around 2 to 3” long the pods are thin and don’t have peas inside them. If you harvest them early and more often it will encourage them to produce more.

I hope this article will encourage you to start growing mangetout in your garden.

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