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What Gardening Tools Do You Need?

There are so many gardening tools available that it’s difficult to pick what tool you need. Because you need to do so many different things in a garden you do need some tools.

gardening toolsHere I have made a list of the tools we use:

A Spade and Garden Fork

The garden Digging Fork is very useful to dig the garden over. There are 2 versions of garden fork a ladies and a man’s version – we’ve got one of each as they are both very useful. We bought the Classic from Senator. There are very nice to use and not too heavy. I didn’t want a garden fork to be too heavy. We’ve gone for wooden handles as we should be able to replace the handles if they ever break.

Last year we bought a spade with a plastic handle, which broke after about 6 months. And we couldn’t replace the handle so we had to throw it away. I do hate waste. There are so many Digging Spade around. The cheapers spades are often pretty heavy and if you pay a bit more you’ll get a much lighter spade which is easier to work with.

You can also buy some really good Combo-3-Piece Kit – which has 3 tools, a spade, fork and shovel.

Wolf Garten Tools

We have a few Wolf garten tools they are so useful because they are inter-changeable. I have a couple of handles and I can use any of the tools on the same handle. All you have to do is press the button and take one tool off and clip another tool on. It’s as simple as that.

There are many different tools from Wolf Garten. Here are just a few.

We also have the WOLF Garten ECM Seed Sower . This seeder has seven settings to sow various seed sizes. I am using mine for sowing carrots and beetroot. It has saved me lots of money as now I don’t need as much seed. I have used this seeder with both handles. If you grow a lot of vegetables this can be a very useful tool, but if you only grow a few vegetables it isn’t worth the investment.

Small double hoe

This is a brilliant tool and I love using the Dual-Action Garden Hoe .

The Extendable Handle Hoe is very useful in raised bed gardening, the fork end breaks up any soil that is in lumps. And the pointed hoe is useful in making a seed row for sowing seeds in.

I also use the hoe end for loosening and panned soil between my plants. And because it’s small it gets in any tight places.

Highly recommended for raised bed gardening.

Dutch Hoe

This hoe is another great tool. The hoe is very useful if you grow vegetables on a large patch to keep it weed free.

Garden Tool Set

I bought myself one really good trowel set – it’s made from stainless steel. It also has a measure on it for inches or centimetres, which is useful when you have to plant things a certain depth say like leeks. I keep all my tools outside and it is slightly going rusty. So will start bringing it indoors. This trowel has a real point at the end often you have trowels that are rounded. Because it’s so pointed I really like it as it slights nice and easy into the soil.

Garden gloves

I like garden gloves that last. And I don’t like to share my gloves with my husband! He just doesn’t look after them. This is a great set of Mens Gloves. And the ladies version of Gloves is here. The last few years I buy gloves that last also I like them breathable so my hands don’t go all sweaty, also I can use them when pruning any roses or other prickly bushes and they keep your hands relatively safe. Also they last a few years which I like.

Garden Rake

A garden rake is a useful tool. We have 2 of them. One is really old and there is no paint on it anymore because it’s 20 years old but it’s nice and light to work with. And we also have a rake we bought a couple of years ago a Classic Senator one which is too heavy for my liking. Because it’s heavy I don’t like using it. So it stays hanging in the potting shed.

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