Garden Seeds

I love sitting down in the Winter time to decide what i am going to grow the following year. Should I go for new seed varieties, or my old favourite vegetable seeds. So much choice and not enough garden space to grow them all.

Here are some of my favourite seed merchants.

Dobies Have a great selection of seeds, they have a reputation for quality and reliability. As well as seeds, they supply onions, garlic, fruit trees and  flower seeds, plants and gardening equipment.

Sutton Seeds Have many different seeds, as well as potatoes, onion sets and garlic. They also stock plug plants, bedding plants and many different Perennials.

Mr Fothergill’s Excellent range of flower and vegetable seeds, great value bedding plants, inspirational perennial themes and fruit, potatoes and vegetables plants plus special offers.

DT Brown Seeds D T Brown tend to be on the allotment gardener’s favourite list as they supply a good range of vegetable and flower seeds at competitive prices plus seed potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, fruit plants and accessories.

Smith Nurseries A family owned nursery who take great pride in our customer service and are always keen to offer our customers all the help they need to nurture their dream garden.

World of Solar World of Solar – was created with the intention of providing the latest solar lighting products online at competitive, affordable prices.


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