Garden Seeds

I love sitting down in the Winter time to decide what i am going to grow the following year. Should I go for new seed varieties, or my old favourite vegetable seeds. So much choice and not enough garden space to grow them all. Here are some of my favourite seed merchants. Dobies Have a […]


Rotavators are extremely useful on a garden plot. Here are some of the most popular rotavators on the market.


Compost Tumblers – Tumblers are a great way to make compost. A tumbler has a rotating drum – which you turn with a handle when full. Most tumblers come flat packed so you will need to assembly it. A great way to make compost. Compost Tumblers Compost Bins – A compost bin is a great […]

Gardening Tools

Sneeboer Garden Tools – This is a very good make of gardening tools, hand-made in Holland – each Sneeboer garden tool has been hand-forged in the finest stainless steel it is individually shaped, polished and sharpened by hand before being fitted with a fine quality ash handle – Sneeboer have always produced forks with flat […]

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