Improve your home with a vegetable garden

Planting a vegetable garden can add a lovely homely feel to your home. That’s because a vegetable garden can transform your backyard from a piece of land not used to a area that produces delicious home grown vegetables that can put food on your table. By having your own vegetable garden you’ll have total control […]

Growing your own peas

garden peas

Growing your own peas in your garden is actually very easy and is also a very rewarding vegetable to grow. If you want to start a vegetable garden and you aren’t sure which vegetable to start with then growing your own peas is the vegetable to start with. Growing peas is one of the easiest […]

Vegetables that grow in light shade

Vegetables that do well in less sunlight (2 to 4 hours) are often called “light shade” or “shaded” plants. Some “partial shade” plants are also light shade, such as cauliflower and many spices. Brussels sprouts: Brussels are a cold-tolerant plant and this allows them to grow in shady areas and do well. Endive: doesn’t mind […]

Growing Vegetables in a Raised Bed

When spring hits use gardeners we start to plan our vegetable gardens. More people then ever are starting a vegetable garden as they realise the health benefits of growing their own. And now people are also realising the benefits of having raised beds. Raised beds are filled with good soil, compost, manure and other things […]

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