My name is Beep or (Marike) and I live in beautiful Cornwall in the UK. I founded vegetable gardening because I love growing our own vegetables. I have been growing vegetables for over 30 years.

My goal is to get people growing their own vegetables, either in their garden or in raised beds. Gardening is fun, keeps you fit and gets you tastier and cheaper vegetables then from the supermarket.

When you grow your own you know where your vegetables come from. And the taste is so much nicer. I have put this site together so that you can find how to grow nearly every vegetable that you want to grow. It’s full of information on how to get started.

There are articles and videos. You can also sign up for my free ebooks and follow me on facebook.

If you have any question just click here and I will do my best to answer them.

I hope you enjoy what you see on my blog and be sure to leave comments.

I am confident that my website has everything you need to grow vegetables in your garden successfully. I hope you will learn many tips and pointers on how to make your garden and backyard grow more vegetables.

Happy gardening


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