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Weber Barbeques

Weber BarbequesWell, that’s a good question. A barbecue is a barbecue you’d think. Not so. You see it’s all in the way you cook when using a barbecue. And because Weber barbecues have lids you’re cooking with the lid down. This adds flavour to the meat or fish you’re cooking because the aromas are continually circulating within a small space. The result? Your meats come out tastier than any meat you’ve ever barbecued before.

Major Advantage of Weber Barbeques

The other major advantage of Weber barbeques is that you can cook joints and meats that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to cook on a BBQ. So you can put a whole chicken, shoulder of lamb or a joint of beef and slowly barbecue to bring all those rich tasting flavours out.

Also the other advantage of barbecuing with a lid is you can use the Weber barbeques all the year round. Barbecue in the summer and the winter.

And the weber barbeques wouldn’t look out of place in a high-tech kitchen. They have sleek finishes and come in a choice of colors. So you’re sure to find a model that suits your taste.

When you get a Weber barbeque you can also join their Grill Academy. This is a one day masterclasses covering everything you need to know about the different barbecue cooking techniques. These include grilling, roasting, baking, smoking and how to get the most out of your barbecue. You will get the opportunity to cook delicious food such as smoked salmon, lamb joints and chocolate puddings.

Weber barbecues are built to last. They use a lot of stainless steel in their designs. And of course each barbecue come with an amazing 25 year guarantee.

To sum up the Weber barbeques – they will look great in your back yard, decking or patio. And you can easily cook great tasting meals when entertaining family and friends.

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